Some helpful tips and guidelines for writing an introduction to PhD Thesis

Writing PhD thesis is a herculean task. A PhD scholar pours his/her lifeblood in writing a good thesis and try to publish it with a good impact factor in a reputed journal. At times, a good research is not justified by a poor thesis. To equate the amount of hard work done on the research of PhD, it is necessary to produce a strong thesis. In the thesis, the body of the entire research is the introduction that explains the extent of work. Some of the helpful tips for writing the introduction of PhD thesis are given under.

  1. From simplicity to complexity

The introduction of the thesis must follow the law of simplicity. The details and information of the topic to be revealed in a stepwise manner like the zip is opened slowly. The step by step inclusion of the information related to the topic will help the reader to understand the basics of the topic. Then, move towards more generalized information about the topic. The types, classification, mechanism etc. to be included later on.

  1. Extensive explanation of topic

A PhD thesis is a research work comprised of many a year, so the information given in the introduction must be of valuable and extensive nature. A thorough study of the relevant topics will help the writer to add the most suitable and precise information in the introduction of the thesis.

  1. Related headings and subheadings

The introduction must be organized in a proper form by dividing it into headings and subheadings. The main heading denotes the generalization of the topic while subheadings indicate the details nearly linked to the information given above in the main headings. The mechanism of writing in headings also impart an ease to the reader to comprehend the topic. This fashion of writing also paves the way to expand the topic by any lengths.

  1. Reference from the recent research

The introduction of PhD thesis must be written in a way that translates the novelty of topic. To boost the introduction, references from very recent research to be included. It defines the practicality and novelty of the topic. Adequate study of the research that has done on the topic similar to scholars might help him/her to validate the importance of research topic.

  1. Add figures where necessary

Explain the previous research with quotable figures is indeed the best way to let the reader understand the complicity or simplicity of the topic. Relevant figures help to project the research efficiently.

  1. Go against the flow, if needed

A scholar may raise a question in the introductory part of the thesis and then justify it with his/her research findings. He/she can also indicate the gap in the previous researches and be thinking and counter it with his/her original work, performed to answer the queries.

These above-mentioned points are the few stepping stone which can help a PhD scholar to write the introductory part of the PhD thesis.

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