SMS from Android Messaging App Technology 

Why You Should Stop Sending SMS from Android Messaging App

As an Android user, you are using various apps to send and receive messages. You will have been using WhatsApp and Messenger for years to send and receive the messages. Now, Apple has also introduced a new messaging app iMessage. It is a brilliant app that users can use to send and receive messages. Google has also announced that it will introduce a new Android messaging app for your android phone. Google will introduce new features in this Android messaging app to compete with the iMessage, WhatsApp and Messenger. When…

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SEO Strategy for Business 1 Technology 

How to Structure a Local SEO Strategy for Business

Local SEO is an essential Search Engine Optimization strategy. By using this strategy, you can enhance the visibility of your business website in the local search results on Google. As a businessman, if you are serving in a specific area, you can get benefit from local SEO. Its reason is that almost 80% of the consumers are using local SEO to search for information about local businesses. If you have not optimized your business website for local SEO, it means that you are missing 80% of the visitors. If you…

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Bibliography in An Essay Essays 

What is A Bibliography in An Essay?

Most students are unaware of what a bibliography is all about till they reach college or university. The reason being that at school levels, essays are easy and just considered an attempt to write about a given topic, without mentioning sources or stating the purpose. However, at senior levels, the meaning and the purpose of the essay change, and the teachers expect students to do a more mature job when they are working on their assignments. What Is A Bibliography, And What Is It Important? According to a cheap essay…

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Sources for A Dissertation dissertations 

How Many Sources Should Be Perfect For A Dissertation

When working on the dissertation writing projects, students are often faced with this problem as they have no idea what to do and how to determine the number of sources they should use for their research. Writing a dissertation is a very crucial part of their academic career and they are required to do a good job so that they can come up with top quality and custom paper and impress the teachers with their hard work and efforts. According to a dissertation writing service, the most common response when…

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Writing Short Essays Essays 

Insights That Must Be Taken When Writing Short Essays

Writing a short essay is as important as writing a long one. These essays are another way that teachers use to check the ability and skill of their students to apply all their ideas into a limited space. Students must understand the significance of coming up with a short essay and also comprehend how it helps teachers evaluate their skills. From the selection of the topic to gathering relevant sources and penning down their thoughts, the process of writing a short essay is not much different but it requires students…

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Mid Term University Exam Education 

Top Tips for Students to Survive from Mid Term University Exam

Many students take the stress of midterm exams because they come in the middle of everything. In the mid of the semester, you have assignments, quizzes, and you will also be working on your project. It looks like no empty slot for any social or extra activity. But the midterm exams slot is always stressful. You have to manage time with all other activities for doing good preparation for midterm exams. Midterm exams have a great impact on your final grades, as the grades or marks of midterm exams are…

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