Facebook Aiming for TV

Facebook Aiming for TV and the New Video Auto Play Update

So, if you think Facebook isn’t ruling your life, you have just given Facebook a hint to get to you in everything. Now, Facebook is planning to go and rule on the biggest screen in your home, you TV. Facebook seems to be working on its TV app and it will soon be available out there for free as Facebook says that its TV will be a free feature and users will be able to watch it for free. As for the money and resources, they will be earning through the ads. TV was the only thing that was not ruled by Facebook yet and now we will have a Facebook TV app. This is one of the significant things Facebook has done in a while. Facebook started off as a social media networking site initially and later on it went on with making things better and in improving the user experience. From our experience, Facebook has never been down and it has always been up to releasing upgrades and it has always worked nonstop to bring changes to their networking platform and bring new and diverse products for its users for free.

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Soon enough there were Facebook groups which were a secure way for people to market and showcase their products to an audience that wants and that is looking for products of that category. This was when Facebook slowly when into offering a whole business identity and online presence to the business by offering them public pages where the user’s experience became better as people started liking the pages and this helped people in keeping up with the brands and helped brands in getting attention from more and more customers. After that, having no Facebook page for a brand was not possible, as every big and small brand owned their Facebook pages. Compared to today, Facebook now has offered full on shops for the online stores and it has some strategies to reach out to maximum customers that they have targeted or to reach to a targeted audience based on their age gender and geographical location.

So Facebook has always been giving users a one of a kind service and has given those opportunities and provided social networking a meaning of its own. Now the post boosting and sponsoring is the way through which people pay Facebook to reach out to more people and increase their network. It was only a matter of time when Facebook captured TV, after the Oculus Rift and now the work in launching a Facebook app is in full swing and we will soon be getting a free Facebook app that runs on TV. Although Facebook will need a huge investment which it will not stay behind from as recently Mark Zuckerberg has announced a $20 billion investment in Oculus Rift and now with the announcement of the Facebook TV app, there must be furthermore investment needed in order to bring better quality videos than what Facebook is already playing.

On the other hand, Facebook is also rolling out new chances which are announced recently and the most prominent of those changes and updates is the one about videos. Are you a fan of Facebook videos and do you sometimes get addicted to the videos and keep watching those videos? Facebook seems to be earning a lot through them by that small little ad at the corner of your screen or the ads that auto-plays in the videos when you are watching one video after the other. So, the new change is going to be playing the videos on auto and if you, for example, are asleep or you just dozed off while browsing your newsfeed and you slept just when a video reached your screen, not only the video will autoplay ‘with’ sound, the video will expand on full screen and you will not have to do it yourself anymore now.

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If you stop on a video for longer than a second, your Facebook video will autoplay with sound and later take over your smartphone screen and you will be watching the video without going to the hassle of tapping on it. not sure about the use of this new feature and what sort of experience is Facebook looking forward to give its users through this but this new feature many have some drawbacks for people with limited data and absence of wifi. The videos setting may be changed in order to stop videos from autoplay and we hope that is true because if your kid accidently happens to scroll through your newsfeed and sees stuff that is not appropriate, or if you are low on data and the videos consume all your last sips of data, that can be a problem.

Considering that this age is more of videos and less of written things, videos are ruling the internet. Now whether it is about cats or your favorite product’s reviews videos has taken over internet by storm. Facebook also has a running feature through which people go live and share experiences live. Whether it is a snowstorm or a concert in the other side of the world, people and even businesses and TV channels are reporting news live and covering events using the feature of going live.

Currently, in the announcement in a blog post where Facebook announced the Facebook TV app, it said that users of specific TVs can stream their timeline and newsfeed videos directly on TV. Nothing about channels or features like Netflix offers is yet announced and it is currently mostly about what runs around on your newsfeed and it is limited to that content only that is available on your Facebook and is seen on your smartphone Facebook app and through their desktop version on your PC. But even that looks something interesting to experience and we can switch between videos of our friends to the videos we save and live video from friends and pages.

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