Issues in Online Courses

5 Biggest Issues Which Are Faced in Online Courses

Online learning became very popular and has been adopted by millions of students throughout the world for the flexibility in time and place it offers to students. There are so many people living in remote areas who were unable to access education or any type of learning but online learning made it possible for them to connect with the instructors and enjoy the progress. But like other things that come with some challenges and issues along with benefits, eLearning is no exception.

According to cheap assignment writing services UK, many of the students face serious issues that prevent them from completing their online courses successfully. For some people, it is a struggle because this mode of learning is not meant for everyone and sometimes students struggle in more ways than they did in a normal learning system as some of the issues are new and students have no idea of how to tackle them.

As the latest model of education, eLearning has some issues that become a challenge both for the instructors as well as the students. While the students need to equip themselves with technical proficiency as well as the ability to keep up with what is going on, the teachers also need to work out ways and means to keep the students engaged during the online course for maximum output. This article discusses the 5 biggest issues that are being faced in online courses by students as well as teachers that make it tough for the learners to focus on the learning process and make the most of their time and efforts.

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Adaptability Struggle:

Moving from the traditional classroom and face-to-face instructor training to computer-based training in a virtual classroom is a very big change for students but for some of them, it takes a longer time to get used to the new way of doing things. What adds to the problem is that not every student is tech-savvy and this makes it tough for some students to cope with how online learning goes on.  During the initial days, some students do not even understand what to do and how to attend the class as they are sitting alone with just their books, and becoming an active participant in an online class is a big challenge for them.

Technical Issues:

Not every student enjoys high bandwidth or strong internet connection or even uninterrupted supply of electricity that is a must for online courses as remote areas or third-world countries are still struggling with these technical issues despite all the development and growth. Due to these problems, students fail to either attend the virtual class or catch up with the classmates leaving them struggling with things. Most of the students enrolled in online courses live off-campus and find it tough to keep in tune with the technical requirements for chosen courses and do not know how to do things the right way to complete their courses successfully.

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Computer Knowledge:

The ability to manage computers apart from using the internet and opening MS Word is very important for students who plan to study online courses for some time. It is because a computer can have any type of issue or breakdown during the class, they might be required to open several programs, connect with teachers or peers using applications and tools, make presentations and keep their assignments and coursework organized and all this is not possible with at least some degree of computer knowledge.  Students who have no idea of how a computer works and how to use it to maximum potential face a lot of issues during online learning.

Time Management:

This is a big problem for elearners as online courses require a lot of time and intensive work despite what people think. Most students who take up online courses are busy with other things in life and due to this, they fail to create proper schedules to take the course daily or work on their studies. Without proper time management, students fail to focus on their courses, assignments, and sessions which creates a problem for them as time passes.


Without self-motivation, students cannot look forward to doing anything and achieving success. It has been found that online learners lack self-motivation because they are either unable to handle the technical problems associated with online learning or they find it too tough to study on their own, sitting alone with no teacher or students to create the right study environment and keep them motivated. Online courses have some serious and big issues that make it tough for students to move forward to keep up with the learning process. Learners, as well as educators, need to identify these issues and deal with them in the best way to ensure the success of online learning.