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10 Phrases That You Can Use To Make Your Essay Better And Professional

A group of words which is the part of a sentence or a clause to provide some meanings of a unit is known as a phrase. It is not necessary for a phrase to contain a complete subject in order to convey a complete message. On the other hand, if we talk about a clause, then we come to know that it has a complete subject and it also conveys a complete message. If we want to provide a better and a professional look to our essay, then it is necessary for us to use some phrases. If you are not able to write a mind-blowing essay, then you can get help from experts of essay writing services. 10 phrases that you can use to make your essay better and professional are given below;

  • In Order To

In an essay, we will have to provide explanations of our arguments. While providing explanations to these arguments, we should use the phrase ‘In order to’.

  • On The Other Hand

While writing an essay, sometimes, there is a possibility that we will have to include contrasting interpretation in our essay. The best way to add such contrasting interpretation in an essay is to use the phrase ‘On the other hand’.

  • In Other Words

In an essay, we will have to expand our point of view. For this reason, we will have to explain something in another way. For this reason, ‘In other words; is the best phrase to us.

  • Firstly, Secondly, Thirdly And So On

In order to support our arguments, if it is necessary for us to present some clear facts, then we should use some essential phrases. In these phrases, there come firstly, secondly, thirdly and so on.

  • To Put It Another Way

If you are going to explain your point of view with the help of the complex points, then it is an unavoidable thing to you to use ‘To put it another way’ instead of ‘In other words’.

  • That Is To Say

Sometimes, while writing an essay, we will have to precise our point of view. For this reason, we will have to add some further detail. Under such a situation, ‘That is to say’ is the best phrase to you.

  • To That End

If we are going to provide an explanation about a particular angle of a topic, then we should use the phrase of ‘To that end’.

  • Having Said That

It is also an essential phrase to add in an essay. The students can add this phrase in similar meanings as ‘but’.

  • Then Again

If you have any kind of doubt about any ascertain in an essay, then you can use the phrase of ‘Then again’.

  • Despite This

In an essay, if you want to outline a particular point of an essay, then you should try to use the phrase of ‘Despite this’.

Along with these phrases, you can also use some other phrases in an essay like ‘With this in mind’, ‘Provided that’ and ‘Nonetheless’.