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Enable SSL in Your Website Free of Cost Using Cloudflare

Google is working diligently to secure the websites. That’s why Google has decided to show a mark of ‘Non-secure’ in the URL of those websites that are not using the SSL certificate. If you are a website owner, it is necessary for you to add an SSL certificate on your website. Its reason is that this SSL certificate can easily secure the data of the visitors. Moreover, this SSL certificate provides authenticity to your website. SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer and it provides an encrypted connection between the web server and the website visitor. There are two ways to install the SSL certificate on your website. First of all, you can buy it. Secondly, you can use it on your website free of cost. Some essential tips and steps by a dissertation writing service to install the SSL certificate in your website free of cost using Cloudflare are given below;

Create An Account of Cloudflare

The first step to enable free SSL on your website is to create an account on the Cloudflare. One can easily create an account on the Cloudflare just by typing his general information like email ID and password.

Configure Website/Domain:

After signing up for the Cloudflare account, you will be able to get user name and password. By adding this user name and password, you can easily sign in your Cloudflare account. After signing in, you should add the complete URL of your website or domain and click on the scan button. The Cloudflare will scan your website. After the completion of the scanning process, you should click on the ‘Continue Setup’.

Configure Your Website DNS Records:

After the completion of the scanning, you will see an orange cloud next to your domain. This will provide you with an indication that your scanning process is completed successfully. After bypassing the mail and FTP process, you will be able to see the grey cloud in front of your website or domain.

Select a Cloudflare Plan:

Software DevelopmentThere are two basic plans for getting the SSL for your website from the Cloudflare. First is known as a free plan and the second is known as a paid plan. As we are looking for the free plan to add SSL in the website, it is necessary for us to click on the free plan. After selecting the free plan, you just need to click on the ‘Continue’ button.

Update Your Nameservers:

In order to add free SSL on your website, it is also necessary for you to point your Nameservers to Cloudflare. In order to do this, you just need to go into your domain registering an account and change the settings of the Nameservers. You should delete all the existing entries and add a new entry of that DNS which is provided by the Cloudflare. After changing the nameservers, you should go back to your account and click on the continue button. It will take up to 24 hours to propagate the new nameservers.

Set Up SSL for Your Website:

After setting up the name servers, you will get the SSL configuration. You should open the summary of the settings and in this setting, you will see SSL. You should click on the full. After clicking on the full, you will be directed to the Crypto page. In the Crypto page, you will see a drop-down page. On this drop-down page, you will see lots of options. In these options, you should click on the ‘Flexible’. Your free SSL certificate will be issued before the 24 hours. Anyhow, you can easily get an idea about the status of your SSL certificate just by clicking on the Crypto page.

Redirect Traffic to HTTPS

Before the issuance of the SSL certificate, the traffic of your website will be redirected to HTTP. After enabling it, you should redirect your traffic from HTTP to the HTTPS. After configuration of the HTTPS on your website, you can click on any page of your website. You will see that all the pages of your website will be opened in HTTPS format rather than HTTP. There are lots of benefits of SSL certificate for your website. The main advantage of the SSL certificate is that the visitors of your website began to trust on your website.


SSL stands for Secure Socket LayerSSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. It is necessary for a website to ensure the encryption between the server provider and the website visitor. It is possible with the help of an SSL certificate. You can get the SSL certificate by two means. First is paid and second is free. The best platform to get a free SSL certificate for your website is Cloudflare. One can easily get the free SSL certificate on the Cloudflare just by signing up on the CloudFlare, by configuring the website, by configuring the DNS of the website, by changing the nameservers and by setting up SSL for your website.