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Which Writing Keyboard for Macbook Pro Should You Avoid?

If you’re considering purchasing a new keyboard for your Macbook Pro, there are several options. Logitech MX Keys, Apple’s butterfly keyboard, and the Anne Pro 2 are all good choices. But what should you avoid? If you’re not sure, there are a couple of things you should know before making your purchase. Read on to find out more. And don’t forget to take a look at our review of Apple’s writing keyboard.

Logitech MX Keys

The Logitech MX Keys for Mac are the equivalent of Apple’s MX Keys but are more versatile. They use Bluetooth and a proprietary USB dongle to pair with up to three different computers. You can switch between the paired devices by using the three buttons on the keyboard next to the function keys. You can also use the Easy-Switch button to change channels.

Another notable feature is its lighting. Unlike traditional keyboards, these keys have a white backlight that is automatically adjusted to match the surrounding light. When the lighting is turned off, they will automatically dim until the user touches the keyboard. The lighting will also automatically turn on when the user touches the keyboard. It is important to note that the MX Keys do not come with a wireless receiver.

Logitech Anne Pro 2

If you’re a writer who needs a mechanical keyboard with RGB backlighting and customizable key triggers, you’ll like the Logitech Anne Pro 2. It’s an excellent option for MacBook Pro owners, but you can also pick up the pricier Obinslab Anne Pro 2 for an even more affordable price. The keyboard has an excellent build quality and is very compact, which is good for travel. While it may not have a wrist rest, it’s still very affordable and is available in three different switch types for different levels of feedback and travel.

The Anne Pro 2 doesn’t have the flip-out feet or other attachments for angle adjustment, but it’s still quite comfortable to use. It also has a comfortable key profile and palm rest, which make it more comfortable to use. The downside is that it’s an older design, which means replacing switches is going to require a little soldering. However, if you don’t mind the noise, you’ll probably love this model.

Logitech SwiftKey

The Logitech SwiftKey writing keyboard for Macbooks Pro offers many benefits for writers. The rounded keys and full-size numeric keypad provide a comfortable typing experience and are positioned for easy access. The keyboard can connect to three devices at once. The keyboard is compatible with macOS and most major operating systems, and features silent input. It is equipped with a rubber stand to fit tablets and smartphones. Its design also allows you to adjust its tilt angle for maximum comfort. You can also use it on multiple operating systems, which means you can keep it on your desk and not worry about cords cluttering your desktop.

The SwiftKey is also compatible with macOS, iOS, PCs, and Android devices. It is super compact, lightweight, and low-profile. And since it is compatible with all three, you can use it on either of your platforms. This keyboard is also highly compatible with the Apple Magic Keyboard. This keyboard is also compatible with your iPad and Apple TV, as well as your Macbook Pro. You can even use it on your iPad or iPhone.

Apple’s butterfly keyboard

The problem with Apple’s butterfly keyboard for Macbook Pro is that it’s fragile, and shit can get under the keys. Apple’s Keyboard Service Program, which first launched in 2018, provides free repairs for MacBook models made before 2015. Although the company continued to use the butterfly keyboard, they tweaked the sign several times, and added new models to the repair program. But despite the problems, Apple’s keyboards are still worth the money.

The new keyboard is a radical departure from the traditional “scissor” style that’s used by most laptop manufacturers. The butterfly keyboard’s mechanism is 40 percent thinner than traditional models, and uses plastic supports that flap with each keystroke. While it’s been an extremely popular feature, it’s also caused some controversy. Critics complained that the butterfly keyboard was too loud, and that it caused the computer to become unstable, and were concerned that it might lead to an epidemic of Covid-19.

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