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Characteristics of a Journal Issue – Things You Must Consider

Journal issues are booklet consisting of scholarly articles. In other words, they are exclusive on-demand printed copies featuring all your articles. The authors can easily assess them at a low price. You can share these Journal issues with your colleagues. Moreover, scholars or researchers can also refer to them in their research. There are different issues and volume numbers usually assigned to a journal. Every year, the research organizations publish their journals. The volume and issues number change accordingly. This article will suggest some characteristics of Journal issues that every student must know.

The journal Issues demand a high degree of formality from the researcher. Apart from formality, the other characteristics of the Journal issues include;

Graphical representation

The journal issues demand variety in data representation forms. It allows researchers to include graphs, tables as well as diagrams. The researcher can make the content engaging for the audience through these graphics. These graphics help readers to understand the content in less time. Research presentation aims to build a chain. This chain ensures the reuse and replication of information. Hence, the journal issues are the strongest tool to support the research succession. Students can take assistance from cheap dissertation writing services while writing their final year dissertation projects.

Abstract: As an essential in Journal Issues

Among the characteristics of the Journal issues, the abstract is of utmost importance. Before sending a research article to a journal, the researcher must ensure the presence of the abstract. The abstract or summary aims to present an overview of the whole research. In general, the researchers don’t have time to read the article word by word. That is why the journal issues consider abstract as an essential character.

Content writing Expertise

Another important characteristic of journal issues is writing expertise. Most of the journal issues demand a field expert to write an article. It means that the writer must have working experience in a certain field. Most high-level journals pay more attention to the conciseness of the content. Some of them suggest the writer sum up the article within 3000-4000 words. While still other demands, 6000-7000 words counts. The presentation of the whole research in this limited word count is difficult. It needs a careful section of words. So, if you are a beginner, you must seek help from a field expert to meet the Journals standards.

Filed specific language

Journal issues suggest writers use field-specific language. Every discipline has its own way terminologies. Further, you cannot use a certain set of jargon relevant to one field in another field. So, without using field-specific terminologies, you cannot shape your writing in a scholarly article. Still, you need to explain all terms and keywords. This practice will make your article accessible even for entry-level researchers.

Title-specific characteristics

For journal issues, the students must also know the title-specific characteristics too. The journal issues demand students to use the following terms in different titles;

  1. Research
  2. Bulletin
  3. Journal
  4. Review

The use of these terms in the title of an article justifies your research aim. Apart from this, the use of data good arrangement of the key terms is important. While writing the title, the writer must keep the audience in mind. The title must ping the target audience.

Data narrowing approach

Unlike dissertations, the research articles do not focus on extensive data presentation. They need to the point information. So, the researcher should use the data narrowing approach. The straight-forwardness is the prime characteristic of the journal issues. For data narrowing, the writer should only write the most important facts. Still, he can merge similar variables. It will present all information within the limited word count.

Credit to the original author

The journal issues are sensitive about the credibility of the research sources. So, for the credibility of sources, the writers should give the reference of the original authors. To identify the original author, the writer can seek the bibliography of the source material.

Hence, this article presented a detailed note on the characteristic of the Journal issues. So, even the entry-level researcher can get help from this data in article publication.


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