To What Extent is Counterfeiting a Victimless Crime?

The production of money without legal sanction of a state is known as counterfeit money. The counterfeit money is also known as fake money. The creators of counterfeit money try to deceive their recipients. The use or the production of the counterfeit money is a common kind of fraud or forgery. It is expected that the business of the counterfeit money is as old as money itself. Its reason is that we can see the copies of Lydian coins in history. Counterfeit money is not a victimless crime. Anyhow, if a creator takes extra care, he can make it a victimless crime. Here, experts of coursework writing services will discuss how counterfeiting is a victimless crime.

  • In order to make counterfeiting a victimless crime, first of all, the creators have to follow all laws and regulations. The currency of a country is controlled by its government and government also devises laws and regulations to print specific notes. Before printing the fake notes, the creators should try to take an overview of these laws and regulations.
  • Secondly, the creators should try to draw out currency in a careful manner. The best way to draw out currency is to use the computer and printer. Sometimes, there is a possibility that the creators are not able to draw out currency on a computer and printer, the creators should try to place the piece of a real currency note on the paper and try to trace its edges. In order to trace its edges, one should try to use a fine tipped pen. You should also try to draw all the details of the original currency notes on the fake currency notes.
  • Some play money worksheets and templates are available on the internet. In these worksheets and templates, some are editable and some are not editable. The creators should try to download editable currency worksheets or templates and try to change details on these notes according to their desires. After completing the details, you should try to adjust the size of these notes by keeping in mind the size of the original currency notes. The creators can easily download these templates on educational currency websites.
  • On the original currency notes, some watermarks of the government are printed. The fake currency notes creators should also try to use these watermarks on the fake currency notes in order to make counterfeiting a victimless crime. The official websites allow people to download these watermarks for educational purposes. For example, the Treasury Department of the US provides these images to their residents through their official websites.
  • There are prop companies in a country which make currency notes for the movies, plays and other performances. Their stores are available online. They follow all the legal rules and regulations to print currency notes. The fake currency notes creators should try to contact with these prop companies in order to get an idea about the fake currency notes.

These are some essential techniques which are helpful for the fake currency creators to make counterfeiting a victimless crime.