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5 Common Powerpoint Presentation Mistakes to Avoid

You must know that while there is no such thing as a perfect presentation, we must strive hard to avoid mistakes that ruin our efforts and make us seem incompetent and incapable of doing things the right way. it is also a fact that we are bound to make mistakes, even if we are experts of the field but it is alright as we are humans and human can err. The good thing is that with trial and error method, we can learn and avoid how to make these mistakes that ruin our efforts and highlight our errors. Whether you are a student or a professional of PhD dissertation writing service, making presentations is a key part of what you do and you must be prepared to work hard and make presentations that impress your audience and help you get desired results.

Advancement of technology has helped us immensely and PowerPoint has made things very easy for students and professionals; making a presentation was never so convenient before. You must understand that while you should not aspire for prefect, you should not, by any chance forget to do things right or make mistakes like forgetting to mention the right examples or adding in details that will be a hit with the audience. All you need to do to come up with powerful and highly impressive presentations is having the right approach and aim to improve. It is only when you think right and see things clearly that you will be able to pinpoint the mistakes and learn to do well. This article discusses the 5 most common PowerPoint presentation mistakes that you must avoid in order to do a good job.

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Not Getting Prepared Properly:

Every task needs preparation, even the ones that do not seem tough. Careful presentation is essential and the time you spend on planning depends on your situation but it is best to start early so that you can conduct research, develop the points and content and come up with ideas to present things the right way and create slides without rushing.  Proper presentation will also help to manage presentation nerves; when you have learned the material inside out, you will not feel nervous or at least not as much when you do not know about it. When you are working on your PowerPoint presentation, you should be fully prepared and ready to face whatever might come your way.

Too Much Text In Slides:

Too much text in the slides can distort the presentation and create confusion, not only for the audience but you as well. You might be aiming to deliver the maximum amount of information on subjects but in doing so; you end up putting too much text and some of it even irrelevant.  You must remember the purpose of the presentation is to reinforce the points you are trying to make and not make audience read everything. Avoid cramming too much text so that you and the audience can relate on one level and they understand what you are trying to say.

Use Of Bad Fonts:

Fonts play a key role in presentations; a font with narrow letters or another with big ones or with letters in italics often makes it very hard for the audience to read what is written on the slides. It is necessary to use font styles and sizes that are legible and make it easy for the audience to read what the slides are all about.

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Poor Quality Videos and Images:

Using poor quality videos and images is the worst thing you could do to your presentation. Most of the people end up searching the internet for images and videos related to their subject which destroys the quality of the presentation. You must spend time and efforts in searching for the best images and videos that are high resolution and do not look bad when displayed on the big screen.

Bad Color Combination and Visual Effects:

Visual effects and color combinations matter a lot when it comes to creating appealing and legible slides. You must use colors that contrast well and do not confuse the audience. If the background is white, letters should be in black and vice versa.  It is best to avoid too many visual effects as they can ruin the formal impression of the presentation and make the slides seem a color palette instead of subject oriented information sheet. Identifying the common mistakes that you could make while working on a PowerPoint presentation would help you do things right and look forward to doing things in a much better way, saving time and hassle.

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